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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The secret of the circle lenses!

Hoy voy a hablar sobre esta entrada ( que ya hice en mi blog, sólo que esta vez, traducida, para que lo pueda leer todo el mundo ^^

So, today I'm going to talk about this post, so, Thanks to Haneul Moon to translate to me this time!

First Pic: Normal Eye.
Second Pic: Eye + Circle Lense. You can see the colour of the eye + colour of the lense.

What  usually happens with light-colored eyes, be them light brown, green, blue or grey, is that the natural eye color can be seen throgh the space in th lense meant for us to see. If you look at the pictures in a lot of reviews, you can see this happen. What are the disadvantages of this? Tha somentimes it gives the effect that our eyes are looking each in different directions. This is because the lenses are not entirely set correctly on our eye. You know what I mean, right?
First Pic: Normal black eye.
Second pic: black eye + lense colour.

What happens in the case of an eye that is dark-colored?  Since the color in the iris and the color in the pupil are almost the same, when you put on the lenses the whole center looks like it's the pupil. (At least in my case, my eyes don't get lighter even with direct light to them).The disadvantage of this is that all the lenses you try on will look darker on your eye, and somentimes they even change color. For example, grey ones tend to look grey. On me, green ones and blue ones look fine at the moment. If I try on brown ones, they have to be very light brown or they will be barely visible. Pink ones look violet on me. The good thin is that this effect doesn't usually on the eye.

And that's all! ^^  If  you have any questions -> FORMPRING, and I'll try my best to answer you =)

Ilustrations by: me


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Kati カティ said...

Intresting post! ^^ I don't use circle lenses so it's nice to read! Anyway you have very Lovely blog!