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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Xtra Hanabi Pink Review

Today I'm going to write a review about  Xtra Hanabi in pink =)
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                                                             ITEMS DETAILS:
                                                          Weight: 0kg, 100 grams
                                                          Stock: Stock available
                                                          Diameter: 14'5mm
                                                          Water Content: 42%
                                                          Base Curve: 8.6mm
                                                          Life Span: 1 year disposal

They're gorgeus, I love them and love them again. At first I though I wouldn't really like them, but I'm delighted. Since my eyes are black, I though color wouldn't be noticed, but in fact they stand out far more than I thought and than makes me very happy xD Maybe the color is a little distorted by my dark eres (yesterday Naftman said they looked purple and my mom said under certain light they look amber xD), but even that effect I love. So I'm totally satisfied =3
I think, of all contacts I have, these are the most comfortable ones. I put them on about 8 pm and wear them until midnight. For my eyes (hypersensitive; in fact I can't wear those longer than 2 days in a row) it's quite and achievement. Best of all, when I took them off they didn't make me uncomfortable at all (I took them off because I had too xD), even though I spent quite a long time in through the wind (which dries the eye) I didn't have any kind of trouble. I really do think these are lenses you can wear comfortably.

Enlarging Effect:Photobucket
I drop the rate one point down for the same reason I pointed out in the other review:  If your eyes are really wide the effect is lessened. For 15 mm I didn't find them that "large", despite my eyes are quite small xD Still, the do quite a "Dolly" eye effect, so like them even so xD
Two pics now ^^
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Thank you for reading me! ^^
(Translate by Naftman [aka. Thalugor] thank you~~ ^^)


Mª del Rocío kawaii said...

me encanta como te queda!!!!! te ves genial!!
un beso!

Sakuranko said...

Beautiful lenses...

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